How to have a Successful Fandom Wedding – From a Wedding Planner

A husband and wife clink their glasses together during their wedding at Ballenger Farm

Let’s talk Fandom Wedding Planning! I found out about Cristina, who runs Hermosa Wedding and Events, while scouring the internet for anything fandom related. I stumbled upon the Fandom Wedding Fair instagram page, which had a digital trail leading back to Cristina, a California and New York fandom wedding planner.

So, let’s get into her top ten tips for a successful fandom wedding!

When planning a fandom wedding, where should you start?
The first step is figuring out how fandom you want to go with your wedding. Do you want all out, full-on fandom or subtle hints.

You want fandom but how do I do it without making it look Party City?
Cristina suggests floor length cloth linens on the tables. Doesn’t matter if they are simple polyester or specialty lines, just floor length. Also, she recommends actual china, flatware and glassware with realistic looking props. You can rent props from companies or add some of your own DIY magic. If you DIY: she stresses making sure your materials look real.

If you want subtle touches, what are the best ways to include that fandom without it taking over the whole wedding?
Less is more. Touches of your favorite fandom should be added as little details. You can wear your traditional wedding attire, but maybe add a surprise fandom piece. Things like socks, shoes, and jewelry. Cristina also suggest that centerpieces and table names can be a really fun way to add in your fandom.

What are some tips on how people can up the look and feel of the wedding?
Details. Choose the design details that fit with your chosen fandom. That means the right color palette and the right elements that tie back into the fandom. Her examples are blue and red for a Superman and Wonder Woman Wedding. Giving each guest a wand as a party favor if your wedding is Harry Potter themed.

How do I keep the wedding looking cohesive?
Less is more. Limit the design details. You don’t want to incorporate every element from the fandom. Quality is better than quantity.

Top places to source decor from:
Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Thrift Shops, Rental & Linen Companies, Flower markets for discounter florals.

What about vendors? Should looking for a fandom vendor be different than a traditional wedding?

Not all vendors are nerdy ones, so not all of them would be interested in being part of a fandom wedding. Research needs to be done to find those nerdy kind of vendors. Non-traditional bridal shows, like the Fandom Wedding Fair, will have the type of vendors needed.

How do people stay organized while planning a fandom (or any) wedding?
Have a prioritized list of everything you need to do and go through it in a timely manner. Don’t procrastinate on materials or vendors. You want both available when it comes to your wedding date.

How many fandoms is too many fandoms?
More than one fandom is totally fine. But, Cristina does suggest a limit so the wedding doesn’t look cluttered and disorganized.

Guests: To have them dress up or to not have them dress up.
Yes!! Have them dress up. Then your wedding looks like a scene out of the movies.

Interested in talking fandom weddings?

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