For the adventurous, candid-lovers

  • A husband wife laugh together during their wedding at Ballenger Farm
  • A couple stands at the altar during their small backyard wedding in Hagerstown, Maryland
  • A husband and wife clink their glasses together during their wedding at Ballenger Farm
  • A husband and wife give each other a kiss under a tree during their backyard wedding ceremony
  • Two brides walk together in a field at Ballenger Farm during their offbeat wedding
  • Bride and groom smile while looking into the camera while walking down the aisle after their backyard wedding ceremony

Let’s have an Adventure:

You are going on an adventure, and adventuring happens to be my favorite thing. We aren’t just going to take photos together. We are going to write the story of your beautiful day in photographs.

They will be a time capsule of this very moment, how much you love each other, and how beautiful you are. The little moments, small gestures, the big smiles, and the party with all of your favorite people.

No achy cheeks from false smiles needed.

Couple kisses on an early morning at the Maryland Heights Overlook

Are we a good fit?

  • Are you are into real emotions, having fun, and don’t mind getting your dress a little dirty? (because screw the dress you’re having fun!)
  • Did you run to the Hogsmeade section of Universal Studios, jumping up and down, as soon as they opened and then almost cry because it was so wonderful?… Not that I did that or anything.
  • Do you run through fields, climb mountains, jump in rivers, and day-dream about your next vacation?
  • Are you looking for a photographer who sees YOU? Because you are unique and special and deserve a photographer who will take the time to get to know you and tell your story the right way.

Wedding packages start at $1,200.

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