Cosplay Photography: Blue Valley Vineyard Edition

Cosplayer dressed as Eowyn from Lord of the Rings stands on a rock facing mountains at Blue Valley Vineyard

There’s a great group in the D.C. Metro Area for photographers and cosplayers called D.C. Cosplay Photo Shoots. Every month they host a meetup, at a different location, for photographers and cosplayers to connect. It’s always so much fun!

This year, my New Years’ Resolution was to attend every monthly meeting. So, I kicked off January with a bang. Blue Valley Vineyard was a gorgeous backdrop for all the awesome cosplays that day. The perfect blue sky with white fluffy clouds (add wind for dramatic flair) made for some amazing photos.

First cosplayer is AlanaOwlet as Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. The shot below was so perfect we both screamed when looking at the back of the camera. The wind was so instrumental for getting the feel of the first scene when we meet Eowyn in the movies.

Next up is Sara Meserve with an Outlander/Merida mashup that really popped against the blue sky.

I don’t think I’ve ever photographed Cuvii when she wasn’t Saber from the Fate Anime series. Here’s me having the cosplayer pose with the blue sky and rocks backdrop again. I was loving how regal it made Cuvii look.

Emily-Grace was my last shoot of the day, so the light was just starting to get that pretty golden color. I decided I should move away from my favorite rock outcropping and get a little bit more creative for her Belle cosplay.

I also tried doing some indoor shots. I am always inspired way more outside, but it was pretty chilly, and I didn’t want to make Nerdenheim and her cutie daughter suffer the cold.

Gloria is always superb in whatever she is wearing. Her craftsmanship is beautiful and she always looks amazing in her cosplays and historical costuming pieces.

The winery had these beautiful velvet curtains that I thought fit Sierra’s Flapper Jasmine cosplay perfectly.

Heather’s Velma cosplay was so much fun to photograph! I love me a nostalgic cartoon cosplay. More Scooby-Doo and 90s Nicktoon’s cosplays please!

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