Violet Evergarden Cosplay Photoshoot

Click, click, click. I was doing what we all do when we scroll through Netflix, looking at the images attached to the show to see if I wanted to *actually* watch any of them. When it comes to TV, I tend to judge a show by its cover.

Violet Evergarden stopped me mid-scroll, which is hard to accomplish. I was immediately drawn in by the wind-swept dress, letters, and artfully drawn light. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into because I never read the synopsis. The story and the beautiful sun drenched scenes were totally bingeable.

I wanted to capture that same feel while photographing AlanaOwlet as Violet Evergarden. Before the shoot we discussed options for places that we thought would have the best atmosphere. And, of course it had to be golden hour, so the time was already settled.

The best thing about this shoot was for 10 bucks we got the whole place to ourselves on a Sunday.

This was a quick little composite I did, but I thought the dreamy sunset was a perfect fit.

Interested in seeing more cosplay photography? Click here!

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