Hi, I’m Jessica!

A woman stands with her camera backlit by trees

The first time I picked up a camera with the purpose of storytelling was 2004.

Storytelling has been ingrained in my photography since the beginning because when I first started it was tied to journalism. Finding photos that could stand on their own, in a series, or expand on the story was a hunt I enjoyed. Everything I loved about journalism: interviewing, getting to know people, finding out their personal story and why a subject matter means so much to them is what I’ll bring to the table when I photograph you.

I think it’s important to know my path to photography because then you get to know my why. And, because photography is very personal. You’re inviting me into your life, to meet your family, and share in your moments. So, why do I do it? Essentially, I find peoples’ stories fascinating. I want to hear them and tell them by creating images that show how beautiful they are. Having that photojournalism background gives me the perfect launching pad.


Return of the King:

10 hours of coverage
2 photographers
2 hour engagement session
Online gallery downloadable of high-resolution images

Two Towers:

8 hours of coverage
1 hour engagement session
Online gallery downloadable of high-resolution images

Fellowship Package:

6 hours of coverage
Online gallery of downloadable high-resolution images


2 hours coverage
Online gallery of downloadable high-resolution images


Let me start off by saying I have had 37293892 photo shoots. Jessica Koers is up there with the best. She’s kind, patient, humorous, knowledgeable and is A FANTASTIC HUMAN TO WORK WITH. Photographers make or break the shoot. I mean you’ll always get pictures out of them but do those pictures SPEAK to you? Can you remember HOW FUN AND LIGHT the day went? Are you shooting with a partner in the frame – are they stress free? I have pictures in my house where shoots didn’t go so well. Where I can remember the photographer getting heated in the moment for the perfect shot. Jess, she creates it by helping your mind be free. She is the best photographer I have had in a long time. Her pictures are my favorite. I will absolutely be using her services again very soon ❤ Thank you Jessica. Thank you for helping us create pictures and moments that will last a lifetime.

– Jenna (@jennabfiestyfit on Instagram)


Excited?! Me too! Let’s see if I have your date available and answer all your questions!

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