Ballenger Farm: A historic house and farm venue for small weddings

Nestled between Purcellville and Leesburg is the coziest little historic farm house you’ve been dreaming about for your intimate wedding: Ballenger Farm.

The property features a gorgeously restored house from the 1700s, two barns, a springhouse, multiple ponds, acres of property for beautiful couples’ portraits, and its very own whomping willow ceremony site.

No kidding, the tree looks exactly like the whomping willow from Harry Potter. The property also has beautiful forests for any bride who wishes to feel like an ethereal elf on her wedding day.

Along with the numerous amenities (don’t let me forget to mention there’s a barbacoa pit too!), your guests will be able to mingle with goats, chickens, and the cutest little ducks. Another BIG perk of this venue is that they are an AirBnb and animal friendly. So, your beloved fur baby can stay with you all weekend! Oh, and you get fresh eggs with every stay. 😉

The house has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and can sleep up to 7 people. The living space downstairs is so comfy cozy, you’ll never want to leave.

No wedding venue is complete without a beautiful full length mirror for checking yourself out before saying, ” I do.”

I’m obsessed with this window seat. It’s right out of my day-dreams where I am in a flowy dress reading a book looking out over a snowy scene.

The house was a family renovation project. Liz’s father bought the property 20 years ago. However, it wasn’t until 2017 when Liz wanted to get married on the property that the house began to take on its current form.

“I took the money that would have been used for a venue and put it into restoring the house instead,” said Liz.

Liz loved having her wedding on the family property so much and felt others would enjoy the magic that is Ballenger Farm. As you step through the spaces, you can feel the love and care the owners put into every detail.

If you’re curious about price, weddings at Ballenger Farm start at $1,000 for 20 guests. That’s for 11 hours total. 4 for set up, 6 for the event, and 1 for clean-up. However, if you head over to the venue’s website you can find the complete pricing list.

Liz, and her parents who live next door, love doing weddings. 

“We get to meet so many people and most of their weddings turn into multi-day events, so we get to spend some time with them,” Liz said.

She loves seeing how couples use the space and how it brings everyone together.

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