Cosplay Photography: Rockledge Mansion

Woman dressed in legend of zelda cosplay sitting on a rock in the springtime at rockledge mansion

In an effort to push my introverted self out of my comfort zone, and to get better posing people quickly, I went to a D.C. Cosplay Photo Shoots meeting at Rockledge Mansion in Occoquan, Virginia. It’s a beautiful historical mansion right in downtown Occoquan. If you’re looking for a historical venue to throw a kickass historical costumed themed wedding, check this place out! And then call me to be your photographer.

Also, it has a “friendly” ghost who was a confederate solider. So, if you’re into ghosts, another plus. I’m interested in ghosts so far as I will watch Ghost Adventures to make fun of Zak. But, I don’t want to talk to them or interact with them because what if it isn’t a ghost. What if it’s a Toby?

Anyways, TO THE COSPLAY! When NatArchaic Cosplay walked in as Link in Magical Armor, I knew I had to photograph her IMMEDIATELY.

Look at this Legend of Zelda cosplay! It’s stunning. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with Legend of Zelda, but I do know when it began. It was when I played Ocarina of Time. That game is so beautiful. I love the music, the story, the FEEL of it. Even though the graphics are put to shame by today’s games, it is still one of my favorites. Plus, when you walk out of the Temple of Time for the first time and the world went to hell. šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

Speaking of a historical costuming themed wedding, here’s powerhouse costuming duo Gloria and Mike. Check out their instagram for historical fashion inspiration. These two costume, cosplay, and photograph other cosplayers. They are amazing! They also fit right in with the atmosphere of the house.

Cuvii was another cosplayer I HAD to photograph. Fate/Zero drew my interest when I read something about a female King Arthur in the description. Another obsession I have, besides Zelda, is King Arthur. I wrote a huge college essay on the King Arthur myth and how portrays female characters and what it meant. At least, that’s what I remember it being about.

But, I always want more Artoria legend in my life. Especially if it’s a gender-bend.

As you can see I was very fond of the “look at me over your sword pose.”

MaggiesMadness did an awesome job as Margo from The Magicians. I haven’t really watched the show, but my husband is a fan. I tried watching with him, but Quentin got on my nerves.

Next up are some photos of a cosplayer who I don’t think has a social media presence. He goes by, “Walter.” Very mysterious. But, I did like his style and went for a grungy mob look. He said he wasn’t anyone specific, just a “gangster.”

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