D.C. Engagement Photography, Jefferson Memorial: Lexi and Devin

Jefferson Memorial Engagement Photos

I met Lexi and Devin as part of a wedding workshop. They were models, who are actually a couple, chosen for our early morning Jefferson Memorial photoshoot. I instantly loved them. They were super stylish and incredibly cute together.

dc engagement photography
Jefferson Memorial Engagement Photos

The one thing you might notice, other than the couple themselves, is Lexi’s bright yellow suit, which she told me was her grandmothers. It fit perfect with Devin’s dark green Hawaiian shirt. I loved that the suit had meaning for her. Her whole outfit had meaning. Right down to all of her rings. Some she got from traveling. One was a special one Devin gave her. When she told me that, I immediately asked if it was an engagement ring. To my horror, it wasn’t and they weren’t engaged or married. WHOOPS! I assumed. And, you know what people say when you assume.


If anyone is looking to get engagement pictures, Jefferson Memorial is a great location for it!

dc engagement photographer

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