Cosplay Photography: Katsucon 2019

SailorMoon Cosplay Photography

It seems my blog is getting full of cosplay photography. I’m ok with that.

Katsucon is the second convention I have gone to, and I always leave with a great impression of the cosplay community. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. When someone bumps into you, they turn around and apologize. Weird, right? I’ve been to plenty of concerts where that does not happen.

My Katsucon started Saturday morning at 4:45 a.m., which is when I had to wake up for a sunrise shoot with an incredibly cute Princess Serenity.

Cosplayer is Nini Nebula

SailorMoon Cosplay Photography Princes Serenity Cosplay Sailor Moon Cosplay Sailor Moon Cosplay

Partnered with Princess Serenity for the early morning shoot was a Cosplayer from Raedioactivity Cosplay. She was Shiva, an Ice Demon, from Final Fantasy.

Shiva Cosplay Shiva Cosplay Final Fantasy Cosplay

After my morning shoots, I drifted through the halls and vendor booths waiting for my next shoot with a Once Upon A Time trio.

evil queen cosplay emma swan cosplay emma regina once upon a time cosplay rumpelstiltskin cosplay cosplay emma swan regina cosplay once upon a time cosplay photography

Emma Swan cosplayed by Amanda Healed. She does fabulous wigs if you’re looking!

Regina cosplayed by Scarlet Jewel Cosplay
Rumplestiltskin cosplayed by Department H

Inspiration was literally everywhere! Got a few cosplay ideas for myself that probably won’t happen because I am an impatient perfectionist.

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking around. Click the button if you want to talk cosplay, or maybe book me for your fandom wedding 😉

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Interested in more cosplay photography? Check out this post!

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